Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Sonam's DIY Box

This is my first entry for lulupu challenge. I have created a simple box which can be used to store jewellery as well as crafting stuff. Here are few steps if you want to make you own box:
Step 1: Cut a thick paper it the below shown shape.

Step 2: Stick the ends:

Step 3: Stick the two parts together to make a box like shape and keep it aside:

Step 4: Take a square of appropriate size to make a drawer sort of shape (make 3 such shapes):

 Step 5: Stick these baskets inside the box on alternate sides and decorate the outer side for an attractive look. You can also create divisions inside these baskets to store small things like paper pins etc. For outer decoration of the box, if u are using simple paper, u can use paper flowers also for a beautiful look but here since my paper is so pretty, i am not using any additional decoration.

Thanks for visiting :)


  1. very nice box Sonam . I really love the detail tutorial as well :)